About Susan

    A graduate of the Vimala Rodgers Institute of Integral Handwriting Studies, mother of two grown children and grandmother of six, Susan tutors children of all ages in learning the joy and benefits of cursive writing.  Her hands-on experience with teaching the letters coupled with her love for children became the inspiration for a book that enables children to establish clear, clean, legible handwriting skills.  The guidebook, Animals, pen and ink, features the Vimala Alphabet™ Handwriting System.

    Susan also works with adult clients on a one-to-one basis helping them identify and change writing and thinking patterns that have hindered them from achieving their true potential.  Knowing that each person is unique, Susan’s approach is designed to enhance individual strengths, unveil hidden talents, and instill positive, forward-thinking attitudes.  She also offers occasional classes for those interested in self-development through handwriting and journaling. 

    For more details about coaching packages, available classes or speaking engagements, e-mail Susan

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