Student Guides

    Below are some downloadable student support materials.  There is a simple coloring book with a page for each letter that features an animal and lines of traceable uppercase and lowercase guides.  Also included is a list of declarations that reflect the essence of each letter’s qualities based on the work of Vimala Rodgers.  

    A fold-over desk guide is provided along with a printout of the Vimala Alphabet to give children a visual review of the letters.  Older students may find a blank practice page with the Vimala Alphabet heading helpful.

    The Guidebook, Animals, pen and ink, is available on (link below).

                                                  Link to purchase on 

For young children, a coloring book featuring an animal friend for each letter.

Download   Colorbook.pdf  

Directions for printing    

   Print one coloring page at a time, or the book in its entirety.  

    To print the entire book, activate the “Two-sided”  box from the 

    printer menu, and leave the setting on “All.”  This will print double-

    sided pages.

    To print one page at a time, select print, select the “from” box, 

    and type in the same page number in the “from” and “to” boxes, 

    then click print.  

    NOTE:  the page number is the document’s sequence number — 

    not the actual printed number on the page. 

    To print a several pages or a portion of the book, again select the 

    “from” box, and type in the first page number you want to print in 

    the “from” box; next type in the last page you want to print in the 

    “to” box; finally click print.  (for double-sided pages, activate the 

    “two-sided” box — see above)

    NOTE:  these page numbers represent the document’s sequence 

    number — not the actual printed number on the pages. 

    If you would like just the list of declarations that reflect the essence of each letter’s qualities based on the work of Vimala Rodgers, click here:  Declarations


Download and print student guides and practice sheet as single pages below:

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 11.49.43 AM

Fold-over Desk Guide 

- print, fold and trim

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 11.45.47 AM

Uppercase and lowercase Guides

Blank sheet for Handwriting Practice

Journaling ideas

    Need ideas for your journaling practice homework?  Sometimes handwriting clients share that after writing their lines of letters and letter words, ‘writer’s block’ sets in and journaling becomes stale; they need some inspiration to get the pen moving again.  The best place to find ideas is always with the people, places and things you enjoy.  You can also use the e-mail below to get a list of fresh ideas that may motivate your writing again.  One idea leads to another ... and another ... and yet another. 

      e-mail:   Journaling prompts

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