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From an early age, Susan has always been fascinated by handwriting. After years of perusing books on graphological symbolism, following experts in the field, and scrutinizing ink trails for clues to a writer’s personality, she eventually found a teacher who fulfilled her lifelong quest to better understand this complex science. Of even greater value than being able to identify subtle, yet perceptible handwriting patterns, she learned that changing our handwriting literally changes our thinking patterns as well! Once Susan learned what an effective technology handwriting is for personal transformation, her fascination became a passion.

A graduate of the Vimala Rodgers Institute of Integral Handwriting Studies, mother of two grown children and grandmother of six, Susan tutors children of all ages in learning the joy and benefits of cursive writing. Her hands-on experience with teaching the letters coupled with her love for children became the inspiration for a book that enables children to establish clear, clean, legible handwriting skills. The guidebook, Alphabet, pen, and ink, features the Vimala Alphabet™ Handwriting System.

Susan has been sharing the Vimala Alphabet™ with adult clients on a one-to-one basis for over twenty years. Working in forty day cycles, Susan guides people in identifying and changing their writing and thinking patterns so they can achieve their true potential. Knowing that each person is unique, Susan’s approach is designed to enhance individual strengths, unveil hidden talents, and instill positive, forward-thinking attitudes. She also offers occasional classes for those interested in self-development through handwriting and journaling.

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Do the 'Write' Thing

Do the ‘Write’ Thing