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A Guidebook for learning the Vimala Alphabet™

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Animals, pen, and inkThe Letters of our Alphabet and how we write and think!

Most of us think of our Alphabet as a simple string of letters, the A-B-C’s we learned to sing as young children.

The Vimala Alphabet™ lets us examine them as personalities, each with an animal friend. Letters that live together in ‘families’ as well as play and work together in the daily action of our handwriting and indeed our lives.

Animals, Pen and Ink is a guidebook created especially for children learning to write cursive. The book walks the reader through the mechanics of writing simplified, fluent letters. Each letter is featured with its own animal that reflects the energy inherent in that letter. Tracing pages are included for the very young, along with a glossary of terms for older students. The goal is to develop healthy patterns of thinking as well as developing our handwriting skills.


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A visually rich guidebook, Animals, pen, and ink features the Vimala Alphabet™ Handwriting System.

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