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Writing The Vimala Alphabet™

Teaching children how to write is a lifelong gift.  And learning to write is a challenging undertaking!  The coursework here is meant to assist anyone teaching a child (or children) about the letters and how to write them.  We begin with assessing Readiness, then provide Preparedness, establish Consistency, and most of all add the benefit of our presence and encouragement so vitally important to the process.


Handwriting accesses a different part of the brain than keyboard skills …

                                 Cursive and digital skills are like apples and oranges.

                                          Computers are not a substitute for cursive writing.

          It isn’t a matter of choosing one over the other.

                  To be successful, our kids need both.



For Pre-K through 2nd Grade

Overview for parents, grandparents, tutors


Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4 – Review

Lesson 5

Lesson 6

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

Lesson 9


Lesson 10

Lesson 11

Lesson 12

Lesson 13

Lesson 14


For Teens and Pre-teens

Introductory Lesson – Basics

Lesson 2 – Communication Family

Lesson 3 – Learning/Evaluating

Lesson 4 – Honoring/Expressing

Lesson 5 –  Review

Lesson 6 – Insight

Lesson 7 – Creativity

Lesson 8 – Status

Lesson 9 – Trusting/Inner Authority and Grandfather Zed

Lesson 10  Ligatures



Coming Soon – Teacher’s Course – Form in handwriting    

A twelve part course for teachers and tutors.

Introduction into handwriting basics for children and teens.

Part 2 through 8:  Alphabet letters by family.

Part 9:  Connectivity

Part 10:  Ligatures

Part 11:  Letters work and play together

Part 12:  Other elements in handwriting – The Autograph

Supplemental:  Neuroplasticity







The Persistence Tie

This presentation is intended for clients, people who are writing with the Vimala Alphabet™ already,  and for those who have taken Vimala’s courses and are familiar with the 40-day cycle writing practice.

The presentation runs just under an hour.




Introduction to the Letters

In this 90-minute online presentation we explore ways to practice our handwriting for personal growth and self-affirming change. We discuss the intrinsic qualities of each letter and how to write it.

  Access no longer available.  Contact Susan for further information about a revised video ‘Intro to the Letters’

Introduction to the Letters



Additionally, there is a companion handbook for the presentation available at







The Power to Change Your Life by Changing Your Handwriting

This will be free on You Tube for a limited time only before it is archived for Tucson Dowsers members only.  (Membership for Tucson Dowsers is $40. annually.)   A superb treasure trove of practical, hands-on information!
Excerpt from Tucson Dowsers November Newsletter:
Last month Graphotherapist Donna Lee Powers gave an absolutely fantastic presentation on “The Power to Change Your Life by Changing Your Handwriting”
Donna Lee has generously shared information and handouts to help us all develop characteristics to refine our personal power.
If you missed it, I highly recommend you watch the recording and download the handouts.
Thank you for coming out of retirement for us Donna Lee. Your presentation was awesome!

The Power to Change Your Life by Changing Your Handwriting

Donna-Lee Powers 10-1-22 Presentation to the Tucson Dowsers

Here are the links for Donna-Lee’s generous instructional handouts:
VimalaAlpha: Meanings, Soul Quality, Guardian, Practice sheet
VimalaAlpha: Resorces Handout