Tweens and Teens (Jr. High and High School)

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paper and pens

The Vimala Guidebook: –Alphabet, pen and ink– (and / or printouts of the letters)

Alpha-Phonics word lists (helpful as practice guides – make them up with the the Vimala Alphabet™ font or handwrite)

Patience, patience patience!!

Humor, smiles, enthusiasm, and love

paper positioning for cursive writing

Tweens and Teens (Jr High and High School)

Tweens and teens may be resistant to having to change anything they do not choose to change themselves! Cursive may seem archaic and completely unnecessary to many adolescents. And yet, underneath all the opposition, I hear telltale feelings of self-consciousness and shame. Writing has become a cumbersome activity — computers and smart phones are too easy to hide behind. I listen to parents and grandparents dismayed to find they can’t decipher their kids’ handwriting.

Approach teens and pre-teens with their first initial. Introduce them to Vimala Rodgers’ groundbreaking book, Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life, or share information from it about the character of their first initial. Without imposing, simply share what Vimala has to say about the other letters in their name. If they are open to taking on changes in their handwriting, offer to write with them for forty days. Choose three letters, it might be the initial of both your first names and maybe the initial of your last name. Write lines of each of these letters and words that begin, end and contain them in the middle every day for forty days.

If your teen could use a boost in English-Literature classes and is open to it, you might try introducing letters in a more structured approach as outlined for elementary grades. By the way, studies show cursive writing improves all other studies as well. Whatever course your teen chooses to pursue, be supportive. Write with them, or write separately — show you are engaged in their process and validate their efforts. Be proud of them! Most of all … remember consistency is key! Write every day! Unlined paper, pen and fifteen minutes a day, every day!


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