Cursive for the 21st Century

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What if? What if children could easily sign their name? Many in this digital age cannot write their signature legibly. What if they could enjoy quiet time with pen in hand, tracing S’s or drawing lines of lowercase a’s to relax their busy minds? What if teenagers could take notes fluently as they listen to a class lecture? What if they were inspired to handwrite about their interests, and what if those interests became their passion? What if their script brought them confidence and self-assurance? What if it was easy and fun to write?

Handwriting remains forever an indispensable skill. There is an expediency of a pen in hand that all the convenience of a computer cannot duplicate. Teaching children healthy handwriting habits is a lifelong gift — one that kindles intrinsic talents and fosters an abiding trust in their own abilities.

Teaching the Vimala Alphabet™ is about guiding children of all ages, from 3 to 93, in adopting handwriting habits that awaken their potential. The Vimala letters are designed to establish forward-thinking attitudes, enhance individual strengths, unveil hidden talents, and support each and every one in designing a life they love!


Handwriting Equation

Utilizing our handwriting skills, we can balance the equation to achieve personal goals and live a happier life.


Every stroke of the pen affirms a thinking pattern.

     Every thinking pattern fortifies our letter shapes.

            Every letter supports an attitude in how we approach life.