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What if? What if children could easily sign their name? Many in this digital age cannot write their signature legibly. What if they could enjoy quiet time with pen in hand, tracing S’s or drawing lines of lowercase a’s to relax their busy minds? What if teenagers could take notes fluently as they listen to a class lecture? What if they were inspired to handwrite about their interests, and what if those interests became their passion? What if their script brought them confidence and self-assurance? What if it was easy and fun to write?

Handwriting remains forever an indispensable skill. There is an expediency of a pen in hand that all the convenience of a computer cannot duplicate. Teaching children healthy handwriting habits is a lifelong gift — one that kindles intrinsic talents and fosters an abiding trust in their own abilities.

Teaching the Vimala Alphabet™ is about guiding children of all ages, from 3 to 93, in adopting handwriting habits that awaken their potential. The Vimala letters are designed to establish forward-thinking attitudes, enhance individual strengths, unveil hidden talents, and support each and every one in designing a life they love!


Handwriting Equation

Utilizing our handwriting skills, we can balance the equation to achieve personal goals and live a happier life.


Every stroke of the pen affirms a thinking pattern.

     Every thinking pattern fortifies our letter shapes.

            Every letter supports an attitude in how we approach life.


Introduction to the Letters

In this 90-minute online presentation we explore ways to practice our handwriting for personal growth and self-affirming change. We discuss the intrinsic qualities of each letter and how to write it.

  Here is how to access the replay at your convenience:
  Direct link to the presentation: ‘Introduction to the Letters’
To download the Vimala Alphabet™ handout,
  First, go to my meeting wall at Free Conference

  Next, find the box titled ‘Meeting Resources’ – it’s right below ‘Host Information’ 
  In the Meeting Resources box there are four links and the handout of the Vimala Alphabet™
 Click on the one titled ‘’
to download the handout.

  Click on either of the two titled ‘Introduction to the Letters’ to play the  presentation – they’re both the same, I just uploaded an extra one.

  This will take you to a blank screen, hover on it and there is a play arrow to click and play. 
  That’s it.  🙂

Introduction to the Letters



Additionally, there is a companion handbook for the presentation available at







The Power to Change Your Life by Changing Your Handwriting

This will be free on You Tube for a limited time only before it is archived for Tucson Dowsers members only.  (Membership for Tucson Dowsers is $40. annually.)   A superb treasure trove of practical, hands-on information!
Excerpt from Tucson Dowsers November Newsletter:
Last month Graphotherapist Donna Lee Powers gave an absolutely fantastic presentation on “The Power to Change Your Life by Changing Your Handwriting”
Donna Lee has generously shared information and handouts to help us all develop characteristics to refine our personal power.
If you missed it, I highly recommend you watch the recording and download the handouts.
Thank you for coming out of retirement for us Donna Lee. Your presentation was awesome!

The Power to Change Your Life by Changing Your Handwriting

Donna-Lee Powers 10-1-22 Presentation to the Tucson Dowsers

Here are the links for Donna-Lee’s generous instructional handouts:
VimalaAlpha: Meanings, Soul Quality, Guardian, Practice sheet
VimalaAlpha: Resorces Handout